1. Support our Community Pharmacy

    People without insurance are often forced to choose between refilling their prescription or paying their utilities. When you donate to our community pharmacy, you help ensure our patients never go without access to their life-saving medications.
    Donation: $22,205.75 / $30,000.00
  2. Building a Better Recipe for Life

    Living well with a chronic disease requires key lifestyle changes that improve nutrition and physical activity. Implementing lifestyle changes can be hard. Donate today to ensure our patients do not have to walk this journey alone.
    Donation: $50.00 / $10,000.00
  3. Nutrition Education Program

    We believe food is medicine. So we built a garden to teach patients about healthy eating. We host monthly cooking demos that introduce us to new, healthy recipes. Patients receive individualized nutrition counseling from our registered dietitian
    Donation: $2,001.00 / $10,000.00
  4. Chronic Care Clinics

    We practice people-centered healthcare that serves the whole person. We work with each patient to develop an individualized care plan that fits their life. Donate today to ensure no one is forced to struggle alone with their health.
    Donation: $846.00 / $10,000.00
  5. Living Well with Diabetes

    Living with diabetes can be hard. But with the right tools and support it does not have to be. Donate today to invest in our diabetes specialty clinics and education programs designed to teach patients how to enjoy life while living with diabetes.
    Donation: $101.00 / $10,000.00
  6. Women’s Health Program

    One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Will you join our fight against breast and cervical cancer? Donate today to ensure women without health insurance have access to life-saving breast & cervical cancer screenings.
    Donation: $11,431.00 / $35,000.00