Eligibility & Enrollment

MLK Health provides free healthcare to adults who have a chronic disease and are uninsured, underinsured, and/or who cannot afford their medications. Call 318-227-2912, ext. 3 to learn more about enrollment and scheduling your first appointment.

  1. We consider uninsured adults to be those who do not qualify for Medicaid because their income is too high, but cannot afford private insurance on their own.
  2. We consider underinsured adults to be those whose out-of-pocket medical expenses exceed 10% of their income (excluding insurance premiums).
  3. We consider adults unable to afford their medications if their prescription costs exceed 10% of their income. (Please note pharmaceutical companies have different income eligibility guidelines. We cannot guarantee access to every prescription.)

These are our general guidelines for eligibility. However, if you are an adult struggling with a chronic condition and are not able to access healthcare please call our office. We may still be able to help you.

To enroll as a patient, you will be required to provide certain documents:

  • Copy of driver’s license or photo ID
  • Last two pay stubs (if paid twice a month)
  • Last four pay stubs (if paid weekly)
  • 1040 Tax Return from previous year or IRS letter stating you do not have file
  • Copy of any pension or retirement plan (to determine income eligibility)
  • Copy of any award letters regarding child support, disability, social security, or unemployment benefits