MLK Garden & Learning Center

Many of the health issues we struggle with can be significantly improved by healthy changes to our diets. To help us teach our patients how to improve their diets, we converted the empty lot next to our building into a garden and learning center.

The MLK Garden & Learning Center blooms year-round and serves as a teaching facility. We partner with local chefs who offer free cooking demos for our patients and the community. Chefs build recipes around the seasonal produce available in our garden and then teach our community how to prepare that meal. If anyone wants to try recreating the meal at home, we will send them home with the produce from the recipe.

These cooking demos are important because many of our patients live on a fixed, limited budget. Their budget does not allow the flexibility to try new recipes with fruits or vegetables they’ve never tasted before. They are faced with questions like “how do I cook this ingredient?” or “what will we eat if my family doesn’t like it?” It is our goal to take the guess work out of eating healthy.

We also use the MLK Garden & Learning Center a teaching space for our aerobic classes and diabetes education classes. Call us today to schedule your tour or find out the date of our next class, 318.227.2917, ext.9! Want to support our MLK Garden & Learning Center? Consider an in-kind donation by purchasing an item from our Amazon Wishlist.