Patient Care Teams


Each one of our clinics is staffed with patient care teams that include medical providers, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, medical students, and student volunteers.

Our community’s healthcare safety net would not be possible without our patient care teams that include:

  • Aaron Broadwell, MD
  • Julie Broadwell, MD
  • Deirdre Barfield, MD
  • Michelle Chico, MD
  • Robert Goodman, MD
  • Philip Kinnebrew, MD
  • Robert Jackson, MD and Founder of MLK Health Center & Pharmacy
  • Bruno Alvarez Conccejo, MD
  • Michael Harper, MD
  • Cheryl Adair, FNP
  • Katheryn Arterberry, FNP
  • Julie Gayle, WHNP
  • Mary Zapczynski, FNP
  • Mary Morgan, RN
  • Linda Brown, RN
  • Dennis Wissing, Phd, RT
  • David Burch, RPh
  • William O’Connell, RPh
  • Yehudit Platt, RPh
  • Heidi Cram, RPh
  • Katelyn Arabie, RPh

I enjoy volunteering at the MLK Health Center because it gives me an opportunity to help those that, for one reason or another, are unable to afford the medical treatment they need. God has blessed me in so many ways and this gives me a chance to pass on those blessings to others that have been less fortunate. Working along side the other volunteers at the clinic has been a truly rewarding experience for me personally.” -Philip Kinnebrew, MD