Patient Stories


Giving Back Hope

MLK recognizes our health care system should have the potential to deliver quality health care to everyone. Yet, we know that some people are not getting the care or health care value they need. Many population groups receive health care that is lower in quality than other sectors in our community which leads to troubling statistics especially for the poor. Individuals & families that have experienced social and economic disadvantage face greater obstacles to optimal health.

We created a community inside the center by utilizing a unique scheduling and innovative care delivery model that promotes access, continuity of care and a true nonstigmatizing patient-centerer approach. Patients greet each other by name in the waiting room, because they know each other, share a similar diagnosis, and attend their clinic visits as a group.

Real People, Real Impacts

Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas is a hardworking mother and grandmother. She has been a patient in the MLK Health Center Diabetes Program for several years. One day, Linda found a suspicious lump in one of her breasts. MLK Health Center helped her to schedule a mammogram through MLK Health Center’s Women’s Health Program and it was discovered that Linda had breast cancer. MLK Health Center helped her get affordable treatment. Now, Linda will be able to live a full life. Linda has a strong relationship with each of the staff members and volunteers. According to Linda, “I just don’t know where I would be without MLK!”


Deborah Morgan

“Thank you Martin Luther King Health Center for the opportunity to learn and live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve learned to make healthier food choices, incorporate a little exercise, and most of all, I’m having fun while I’m doing it. This is not a diet, it’s about making choices.” – Deborah Morgan