Worksite Wellness Program


You care about your employees. You want your employees to be healthy. We can help with that!

With our worksite wellness program, our certified team can perform:

  • health risk assessments and screenings
  • nutrition education by our licensed dietitian
  • ongoing health coaching

When you partner with us by enrolling in our worksite wellness program, we will reinvest that service fee into our primary care and pharmacy services to the underinsured and uninsured living in our community. Together we can build healthier communities!

Yolanda Thomas and Carolyn Hammond from VOA participate in our worksite wellness program

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Worksite Wellness Program

Start scheduling your worksite wellness screening by completing the form below. Have questions? Give Essence Smith at call at 318.227.2912, ext.5.

  • Enter the number of employees who will participate in the worksite wellness screening.