Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of the MLK Health Center & Pharmacy is to extend comprehensive primary healthcare and pharmacy services at no cost to uninsured patients with chronic illness who otherwise often forgo routine medical care because of a lack of resources.

MLK Health Center & Pharmacy History

MLK Health Center & Pharmacy was founded in 1986 by then LSUHSC School of Medicine Resident, Dr. Robert H. Jackson and the late Sister Margaret McCaffrey. Dr. Jackson implemented a Saturday morning clinic at the Christian Service’s Hospitality House after seeing so many uninsured patients suffer debilitating complications from uncontrolled preventable diseases. The center received its own non-profit status in May 1986 and has never looked back.

The center continues to serve as a safety-net for patients who have no resources to obtain quality health care and pharmacy services MLK Health Center holds the first Charitable Pharmacy permit issued by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. Annually, we dispense over 40,000 prescriptions (valued at over $2 million dollars).

Today, the clinic and pharmacy provides services valued over $14 million to over 1,500 patients annually.

We Serve as a Resource to the Medical Education Community

  • Students from NSU College of Nursing and LSUHSC School of Medicine and School of Allied Health Professions gain valuable experience in the delivery of health care to medically vulnerable patients.
  • Centenary and LSUS students also benefit from the unique learning environment we provide.
  • Our patient services make us a valuable clinical laboratory for many degree programs.


Collective Impact in Action

As a Community Foundation ROI Award recipient, MLK Health Center & Pharmacy is proud to provide an excellent return on investment for our donors. For every $1 invested in the center, an average of $25 is returned to the community in services.



In Services Provided Annually




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