Making a Difference for Those that Need it Most

The MLK Health Center & Pharmacy is proud to provide excellent services and value for each dollar invested in our program. We are a private non-profit and do not receive federal or state funding to provide health care services.

Community Foundation has awarded us their prestigious Return on Community Investment* award. For every $1 invested in the center, an average of $25 is returned to the community in services.   

You can help patients avoid costly emergency department visits and hospitalizations

Your contribution helps keep our chronically ill patients healthy and productive. Keeping people healthy lowers healthcare costs for everyone! Together we can build a healthier community.

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Single-Service Sponsorships







Diabetes Education Session


Patient Primary Care Visit


Our Pharmacy Needs Your Help!
Donate to Help Keep Our Medicine Cabinet Stocked

$500 Donation Can Provide:

One year of medication labeling supplies
A 90-day supply of insulin syringes for 10 diabetic patients

$750 Donation Can Provide:

Medication for 6 months

Become a Clinic Sponsor Superstar

The Clinic Superstar Sponsorship is a $1,000 contribution for a FULL day of clinic services which include clinical visit with a provider, labs, and pharmacy prescriptions

“Norann and I are happy to be sponsors for the Martin Luther King Health Clinic.  We know that each dollar contributed is used very efficiently to deliver health care to people who really need it.  We are impressed with the high number of clients returning for follow-up care in this clinic.  We very much appreciate that many health care providers in the community volunteer their services at no charge.  All of these factors make it easy for us to choose the MLK Health Clinic for charitable giving each year.”
Mr. Jerry Planchock and Dr. Norann Planchock

In-Kind Donations

Frequently Needed Supplies

  • Frequently Needed Supplies:
  • General Office Supplies
  • Copy Paper
  • Manila Folders
  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Hand Soap
  • Tape
  • Staples
  • Post it Notes

Please contact 318-227-2912 ext. 9 for questions regarding donating these or other items.

We provide over $14 million in value annually in the form of direct clinic and pharmacy services including value in decreased emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

  Donating Medications

MLK Health Center & Pharmacy accepts donated medications as long as they are unopened and not expired.

Please contact 318-227-2912 ext. 2 for questions regarding donating medications.

    Donating Medical Equipment

Please call 318-227-2912 ext. 1 for questions on donating medical devices and equipment.

*ROCI: The costs vs. benefits of the MLK Health Center & Pharmacy program resulting from combined benefits from reduced emergency department visits and hospitalization; savings from centralizing health care services for uninsured patient; inflow of resources into the community, and improved quality of life.