Grocery Tours


Healthy diets are crucial to our overall health. So why is eating healthy is a challenge for most of us?

Could it be that our food labels are filled with words we cannot pronounce? Perhaps it’s the stress of trying to fact check the claims made on our product boxes. Do diet products “really” work? Or maybe you want to start slowly substituting unhealthy ingredients with better alternatives but don’t know where to start?

Starting a new healthy diet plan can be overwhelming, but it no longer has to be. Sign up today for a private, guided grocery tour with our registered dietitian and we will help take the guess work out of healthy eating!

Tickets are available for $25 and tours last approximately 1 hour. The proceeds from your ticket purchase will be reinvested into our nutrition program for our patients. Together we can build healthy communities!

(Did we mention when you signup for your guided, grocery tour you will be enrolled in our exclusive Recipe of the Month Club?)

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