Are improved sleep quality and stress management part of your resolutions?

Don’t Forget About Sleep & Stress

We are coming to the end of our New Year’s Resolutions video series. We hope these informational videos have helped you set resolutions you can stick with all year long.

In our final video we want to talk about sleep and stress. Proper sleep and healthy stress levels are the foundations for “living our best life.”

We spend 30% of our life sleeping. But are we getting quality sleep? The first step in improving your sleep quality is tracking your sleep hygiene and sleep patterns.

What’s sleep hygiene, you ask? Check out this Instagram post on sleep hygiene from Be The Light Fitness.

Lori recommends we identify 1 – 2 behaviors that we can work on improving 80% of the time. (Because the key is progress over perfection.)

High stress levels can affect our sleep quality. Poor sleep quality can affect our stress levels. Check out Grey’s short video on small steps you can take to begin improving your sleep quality and identifying your stress triggers.

Want improved sleep quality? Check out these different apps designed to improve your sleep.

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