New Year, New You?

Did January 1st fill your inbox with email after email about some “New Year, New You” program? We certainly had our share of those emails.

January is filled with excitement and hope for the year ahead. Unfortunately, 80% of New Year’s resolutions are dead by February.


Because our New Year’s resolutions are often vague and unrealistic.  Perfection, rather than progress, is our standard measure of success. We quickly become discouraged because perfection is not only hard but overwhelming.

What if we reframed our resolutions? What if we broke down big ideas like “eating healthier” into weekly goals that allow for real life? (Sometimes we all just want pizza…and that’s ok in moderation.) What if our goals were built on our willingness to change? What if our aim was to improve routines rather than create a whole new version of ourselves?

Check out this short video from our registered dietitian and health coach, Grey Rogers. She will walk you thru some tips on how to take a large idea and create realistic action steps that will help you stay the course on your New Year’s resolutions beyond just January.