Stories of Passion – Anna Todd

In September 2014 Annaliza Todd relocated her parents to the United States from the Philippines. Within two months of their move, Anna’s mother became very ill with a fatal fungal disease. Treatment required a six week regimen.

Anna’s mother had not yet qualified for health insurance because her residency was still so new, nor did she have her state identification card. As a result, she was refused any free treatment by the hospital. Her medications were expensive and the hospital bills were piling up. Losing hope, Anna made a desperate attempt for help.

Anna emailed local non-profits to see if any could help with her mother’s care. “Ms. Janet was the very first and only one who responded to me and offered to help.

I answered Anna’s email to see if there was anything MLK could do to help her mother. We were able to help her sweet mother. From this simple gesture MLK has gained a friend and supporter.” – Janet Mentesane, Executive Director of MLK Health.

Janet worked with Anna to get her mother enrolled as a patient at MLK Health. Our free pharmacy was able to cover all the expenses of her treatment medications.

Today Anna continues to pay it forward. Anna works for Enterprise Holdings, and each year she helps Janet secure a rental van for our Ladies Night Out and Mammograms & Manicures women’s health events. We use the rental to pick up and drop off women who otherwise could not make it to their women’s health appointment. Anna also works with Enterprise Holding Foundation to request an annual grant award to help fund our women’s health programming.

Anna remembers the quote, “Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” Anna works with her company every year to support our Women’s Health Program because she know helping MLK Health will help other families.