Free Manicures?

Join us for our annual Women’s Health event
Mammograms & Manicures

We want to live in a city where no woman is ever forced to forgo her annual mammogram or well-woman exam due to a lack of resources.

Ladies, it’s time to take charge of your health!
Join us for our annual Mammograms & Manicures Event.

  • Date: Thursday, October 25th
  • Time: 8AM – 4PM
  • Location: MLK Health Center & Pharmacy on Olive Street

Early detection is the best way to survive breast cancer and mammograms are a great tool for finding and fighting breast cancer early.” – Janet Mentesane, MLK Health Center Executive Director

Women who complete their mammogram during Mammograms & Manicures will receive a free manicure, a gift card, and other pampering services. Breakfast and lunch will be available.

Eligibility Notes:

  • FREE Mammogram screening for uninsured women 40 and older
  • Breast screenings for women under 40 with breast issues
  • Insured women invited to participate. Wellness partners will file proper insurance paperwork.
  • Date of last mammogram must be at least 365 days prior to October 25th to be eligible for mammogram screenings.

Not sure what to expect when it’s time for your mammogram procedure?

Partners in Wellness will have their mammography van onsite on October 25th that is equipped with state of the art 3-D imaging technology.

Ladies will be called to the van where the technician will go over the procedure and answer any questions or concerns. The procedure takes between 3-5 minutes to complete. The technician will be behind the screen monitoring the imaging process.

With the advances in technology, many ladies say they experienced only minor discomfort while others say they barely felt the procedure.

Ladies, we understand mammograms are not the funnest experience, but 3-5 minutes of discomfort could save your life. Please call Brenda at 318.227.2912 ext. 7 and schedule your mammogram for October 25th today!