VIDEO: Finding Your Own Mindfulness & Meditation

What’s the goal of mindfulness or meditation?

Should my head be “clear” of all thoughts?

Should I feel calm and stress-free after?

How do I know if it’s working?

The goal of mindfulness and meditation is to get you out of your own head! We spend so much time lost in our thoughts and disconnected from our body and sensations. It’s not that we want to get rid of all thoughts and feelings- that’s impossible. Instead, we want to learn to acknowledge them in a neutral way while also taking note of how our body feels. What do your feet feel like on the floor? What do your hips feel like in the chair? Are there any areas of tension in your body? A small mindfulness check-in may reveal that your footing feels solid, your chest and shoulders are tight, and your breathe is shallow. No sensation is good or bad- you simply want to notice it. The small practices in this video bring your awareness to the present moment so that we don’t spend so much time living in the future, past, or numbing out with TV or social media. It’s not a quick fix, but consistent practice will have positive effects on your mental health.

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